Do Something Good For Someone Else

Gumball MachinesOne day as we were sitting at the mall food court people observing, we watched as a group of teenagers were busily talking to each other and well, being teenagers. The mall has always been a great place for teenagers to hang out. Some of the time it appears that teenagers are up to no good at the mall. Just hanging out.

These teenagers were at a table close to an island of gumball machines. When they got up to leave, one of the teenagers walked over to the gumball machine island and left something there. Then just like that, this group of teenagers went off to cruise the mall or maybe catch a movie.

We were curious. So we walked over closer to see what had been left. These were teenagers. It must have been something goofy or weird. Right?

The 2 QuartersWe were wrong. When we walked over to the gumball machine. There sat 2 quarters, 50 cents right on the corner of the island. When we saw that act of kindness we were taken back. Teenagers don’t do nice things but these teenagers did and we were curious enough to see what happened that we sat there and watch would would happen next.

Sure enough a little family came by the food court to grab a bite to eat. And as children do, the two little ones were intrigued by the gumball island. They walked over and looked at every machine and every flavor trying to decide which one they would like. Then they turned the corner and saw the 2 quarters just sitting there. Not sure what to do they went over and asked their parents. I am not sure what the parents said but the children made their way back and took the quarters and were able to have a little treat at the mall thanks to some nice teenagers.

This may seem simple. After all it was only 50 cents. But it made us realize that there was good in the world and little acts of kindness can go a long way. It sure brightened our day.

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